The risks to Christian civilization

Yesterday, January 7, 2001, in Washington DC, Donald Trump met with tens of thousands of his followers. Shortly after that, thousands of those supporters approached Congress (Capitol Hill), and several hundred of those supporters entered the building without permission after pushing through the police cordon. Once inside, they occupied and vandalized several offices in the building. The certification as President of the Sorist globalist puppet, Joe Biden, had to be canceled for a few hours. After authorities cleared the building, the certification of the secularist continued.

The left-wing and centrist globalist press will tell the world that Trump, a bad loser, incited his followers to violence and take Congress by force. People with little critical thinking - the same people who believed that Trump had mocked a disabled journalist, or that Trump was about to be arrested by Mueller for hacking into John Podesta's email with the Russians - will believe the dictates of the globalist press. Like automatons, they will begin to repeat what CNN, the World, TVE, or the New York Times, or the Washington Post dictate. It is known that reporters, editors, and owners of these media in the United States are 90% fanatical left-wing activists of the Democratic Party. These fundamentalists will say that Trump incited violence, that Trump attempted a coup, that Trump sent his supporters to burn down Congress.

The reality is different, of course. After Trump's speech, the masses moved to Congress (Capitol Hill), and a minority of a few hundred (of the tens of thousands who were there) surrounded the building. This fact is entirely legal, and it happens very often. Those few are the ones who came in and stormed the Congress. Reportedly, although there is no confirmation, a shot by the Capitol Police killed one of the protesting women, which provoked the anger of the others who were protesting.  Reportedly, the police's shooting and the subsequent death of Ashli Babbit caused the supporters' anger and violence. These few hundred supporters vandalized several building offices until they were evicted by the police hours later.

All the press denounced that Trump did nothing, that he did not mobilize security, but the Capitol Police has nothing to do with the White House. This police force answers to the Speaker of the House, Pelosi, and the Senate Chief.  In other words, it answers to the Legislative, not the Executive. The Constitution states that the President has no authority over Congress or the Capitol Police. This constitutional statement is a way of protecting the division of powers. If the Capitol Police failed to coordinate with the DC Metropolitan Police and failed to shield Congress as well, the ultimate responsibility rests with Pelosi, the Chief of the Capitol Police

Now, studying what Trump said, it's clear that there is no incitement to violence or to assaulting Congress: ¨Lets walk on Pennsylvania Avenue, I love Pennsylvania Avenue. We're going to go to the Capitol (Congress), and we're going to try and give ... the Democrats have no hope. They never vote for anything, not even one vote.  But we're going to try and give our Republicans, the weak because the strong don't need our help, we're going to try and give them the way of pride and courage that they need to take back our country. So let's go to Pennsylvania Avenue. I want to thank you all. God bless you, and God bless America. Thank you for being here. It's incredible. Thank you so much. Gracias¨

While there is nothing illegal, immoral, or wrong with this call by Trump to march on Capitol Hill, these are the phrases that the Trump-hating, the leftist globalist press will use to "prove" to uncritical people that the assault on Congress occurred because Trump asked for it and that he incited his supporters to violence. Remember, it is the same journalists who falsely claimed that Trump had mocked the disabled journalist, the same journalists who swore that Trump had conspired with Russian intelligence to hack into John Podesta's emails, the same journalists who claimed that Mueller would soon end Trump through Russiagate, and the same journalists who swore that Trump would be removed through Ukrainegate. Those same journalists.

And how did Trump act when he heard about the assault on Congress?

Trump immediately sent several messages via Twitter and Facebook to calm down, asking his followers to end the violence and leave the site.  Shortly after that, Trump's video at the White House and broadcast on all social networks and Youtube asked the same thing.

Someone who reads El Mundo y el País might ask why Trump doesn't accept the elections' defeat and leaves quietly without protest. The reality is that Trump continues to protest about something called Moral Duty. There is a moral duty linked to conscientious objection. Trump and millions of his followers are deeply convinced that the election was not fair on a moral and intellectual level. That election was rigged and trapped from the beginning. And they are confident that this was done in two ways.

What election irregularities do Trump supporters report?

--1. Fraudulent votes.  This election is where more than tens of millions of votes were received by mail. That has never happened before. And the suspicion is that tens of thousands of those millions are fraudulent votes, either because some people voted twice or because people who don't have the right to vote voted (either illegal immigrants or dead people). The problem with this is that it requires a one-by-one forensic analysis of those ballots, which is very difficult because of the U.S. judicial system and the time and effort it takes. Perhaps in 6 months, if the Democrats do not destroy them first, forensic teams would prove this.

--2. The press, media, television, and social networks' absolute conspiracy to destroy Trump, including total radical censorship of pro-Trump voices.  This great trap never before seen in America, never before seen in any country election, only happened in the 2020 election. All the media power that controls 85% of all the media in the country, the full force of YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc., came together in unison as never before to launch anti-Trump propaganda. Within the US, this propaganda was massive. It was just as massive in Europe, but even worse because they didn't know what was being said and done in the US. The cretinized masses of Europe, as Juan Manuel de Prada would say, never really understood the simple or straightforward things about how the U.S. culture and administration work, like what the Supreme Court is, or the Rust Belt, or the Bible Belt, or why white workers in the Midwest are culturally conservative and not left-wing. The disinformation propaganda in Europe not only lied blatantly but did so in complete ignorance.

The most terrible thing about this gigantic trap and conspiracy is that it is legal. Downright and illegal, grotesque, but legal. That is why it cannot be taken to court. In theory, it could be if Section 230 didn't exist, but the Democrats in Congress, knowing full well that it protects the social networks that work in its service, will never, ever dare touch that section.

How did this grotesque trap, this colossal fraud never before seen, work?

Ben Shapiro, Harvard's lawyer, masterfully explains this in the following video The total and complete destruction of journalism in the United States and the absolute politicization of social networks converged with an obsession: to destroy Trump at all costs.

Why Trump? Why so much hatred and so many angry attacks?

The reasons begin with Trump being the most pro-life President in U.S. history; the one who got the Transgender people out of the military; the one who took funding away from abortionists; the one who put three Traditionalist Catholic judges on the Supreme Court for life; the one who swore to defend Western Christian Civilization; who avoided going to apocalyptic nuclear war with post-Communist Russia because of Syria; who stood up for true religious freedom in America and fought hatred of Christian civilization; who put America first and brought thousands of jobs back to America from Mexico and China; the one who fought against the sexual debauchery inspired by Eros and Marcuse's Civilization; the one who fought the war of the sexes; the one who said Merry Christmas again and celebrated the life of Canonized Saints in his executive orders; the one who ended the martyrdom of the Little Sisters of Charity persecuted by Obama for not offering abortion pills; the one who improved and financed the US armed forces like no one else before; the one who stood up to the Chinese communist dictatorship and its campaign for world domination; the one who rejected the Cuban communism that Obama was flirting with; the one who went to Poland to say out loud that in the end the Western Christian Civilization is not only the best, but will win, will triumph. That's the same Trump that the godless secularist world propaganda of the media focused all its hatred and all its anger on.

Now that America is about to fall before the fury of the beast, now that tragedy is approaching, and the opponents of Western civilization will try again to transform the country into their paradise, inspired by the Frankfurt School. This is a tragedy similar to the fall of Constantinople, or the fall of Moscow, or the disaster of the Invincible Army... Now, more than ever, all the followers of the Natural Moral Law, all those who fear God, need to unite to resist the purge that the amoral globalists are going to carry out. Persecution will be unleashed and will be terrible. Before this: Deus vult and the fight; sic pereant omnes inimici tui domine

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