Since time ago several catholic news sites and WebPages are showing strong support to Hong Kong protesters. It is not easy to explain why a religious belief is supporting a political position, so perhaps the support is more an interested position than faithfulness. Catholic news alleged that the main reason for the protest is the bill to deport citizens from Hong Kong to stand trial on the mainland, and protesters are freedom and democracy paladins. No one catholic news sites speak out about the criminals seeking shelter in Hong Kong's legislation, nor the violence of rioters. The fugitive bill was proposed after hearing about the case of a murderer who fled from Taiwan to Hong Kong, and could not be extradited to be prosecuted in China due to the lack of legislation in this regard. On October 24, the killer Chan Tong-kai was released, and his photo out of prison accompanied by a Catholic priest has been published all around the world. The symbolism of this picture reveals many other attempts of the Christian community to support the HK protest. There are many catholic websites pointing out that the Chinese government is attacking other religions; Buddhist, Muslim, and Christianity. With the being freedom defenders and the suffering Chinese persecution arguments, catholic sites are calling to their believers to take part in defense of Hong Kong protesters. Websites are organizing days of prayer and fasting, and they are suggesting their followers to take action. The Catholics in HK have promoted assistance to the demonstrations. HK has broad autonomy and is the base of the "One country, two systems" Chinese plan. This program is China's future project, so it is unlikely that the mainland will try to exercise tight and self-defeating control over the city. Furthermore, China and the Vatican had agreed to ordain bishops for the Catholic Church in China, the Vatican and Beijing signed a landmark agreement in 2018.

Pro-democracy activists and hundreds of their supporters marched to the headquarters of the Hong Kong government - Source; South China Post

The role played by Christian groups in the mass protests of 2014, Occupy Central, was very significant. At that time it was thought that they defended the religious freedom that protects them within the legal agreement between HK and mainland China, but the role played in these latest protests mark them defending impunity for many criminals. The Catholic WebPages inducting Catholics to support HK rioters are showing worldwide that they have political bias beyond their religious beliefs. The Catholic WebPages are calling to action because they believe that mainland china will start a repressive policy against them, which is an unfounded fear. Catholic authorities in HK called to action, but when protests precipitated into riots, they just called to pray. In HK there are only 8% of Catholics, around half a million people, but they are mobilizing to the entire catholic media system worldwide. Catholic media is linking the autonomy of HK with the authority of the Church; the appeals to link politics with religion are reiterative. It seems that the Catholic Church wants to have a prominent position in political power; they try to put the loyalty to Rome before adherence to any other political actor.

A protester holds a Christian cross as others gather outside the police headquarters in Hong Kong, June 21, 2019.
A protester holds a Christian cross as others gather outside the police headquarters in Hong Kong, June 21, 2019.

China is not the only country where the Church is trying to be a legislator. In European countries, like Spain, is the Church that has outsourced managerial and technical competences on immigration and social policies. The Vatican emotional appeals to withdraw the borders are plenty connected with a globalist agenda supported by many political forces. The Catholic Church is fighting hard for its place in the new world order. In HK, not only Catholic but also Presbyterians and many other Christian branches are singing through the streets "Sing Hallelujah to the Lord." While they sing, many questions arise about the role of the Christians groups against the suspended Fugitive Offenders bill. Which is the interest the Christians groups may have about HK chaos? The Chinese authorities have repeatedly denounced that the autonomous city of HK is the core of the activities of the secret services of the Western countries operating within China, now those denunciations make sense within the framework of the Christian ecclesiastical authorities’ performance. Which is the role they play in the Intelligence community working in the city?

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