Quixote Globe is an interdisciplinary plan formed by experts in different fields of knowledge, and with a particular interest in global issues. QG includes experts from various countries and continents. We have as a first goal to develop good Public Diplomacy relations between countries/power groups with global influence and different civilian populations of the globe. Obtaining an understanding between the power groups and the societies in which they operate is the first step towards a consensus governance agreement. For this reason, QG analyzes geopolitical and geostrategic issues through theoretical frameworks aimed to facilitate understanding the complexity of international relations.

QG´s second goal is to pay attention to the application of knowledge arising from university and military academies. Both academies receive the most significant research funds, and they are the agencies that generate the knowledge that is used by political, industrial, military, and civil actors. Even so, they are the organizations with fewer media representation, which leads to a lack of knowledge about them by the population. QG understands that there is a permanent nexus between university entities and military academies. As a result, both organizations generate knowledge that sooner or later ends up being absorbed by the civilian population. Within that nexus, the best universities in each country have collaboration agreements with national military entities. That makes the fields of study of military and university a single body of knowledge whose main area of application at first stage is the foreign policies of the Main global actors.

This knowledge is the driving force of geopolitics and geostrategy in matters of defense, energy, mobility, medicine, economics, etc ... All knowledge has strategic, operational, and tactical use. Analyzing how actors in struggle for global control apply knowledge is one of the main objectives of QG. The third goal of QG is to accelerate the transfer of knowledge generated in by the military and universities to the civil society. Countries' societies could have a quantitative and qualitative change in the quality of life with the civil application of military knowledge. It is necessary to redirect the use of knowledge to be used to improve people's quality of life. Knowledge is an essential resource for the development of societies. The struggle to generate it, possess it, and control it, will unleash conflicts that will happen outside the media information. Quixote Globe will analyze how it happens.